VDMA: cloud solutions in building technology
Cloud solutions, i.e. the systematic storage of data and IT processes on external servers, are establishing themselves in many areas of application. And with good reason: the processing power and memory required no longer present a strain on the user’s own systems, but are instead made available centrally online. This enables data to be accessed from any place, at any time and using any device.
IT-Based Building Automation
Key technologies for environment, man and economy.

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Fire and smoke are among the greatest hazards to which people are exposed in buildings. Experience from fires has shown that the vast majority of deaths and material damage are due to toxic and aggressive smoke.
Der Fachverband Automation + Management für Haus + Gebäude des VDMA hat das Einheitsblatt 24774 zum Thema IT Sicherheit in der Gebäudeautomation am 11. Juli 2016 veröffentlicht.
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Thomas Müller
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