Digitalization of buildings: Cooperation between VDMA and eCL@ss ensures data exchange at BIM for building automation
In building services engineering today, it is expected that product data is available in machine-readable form for customers, planners and processors. This also applies in connection with Building Information Modelling - BIM. This goal is addressed by eCl@ss, the ISO/IEC-compliant industry standard, as well as the VDI 3805 series of guidelines for technical building services.
VDMA: cloud solutions in building technology
Cloud solutions, i.e. the systematic storage of data and IT processes on external servers, are establishing themselves in many areas of application. And with good reason: the processing power and memory required no longer present a strain on the user’s own systems, but are instead made available centrally online. This enables data to be accessed from any place, at any time and using any device.
Position ElektroG - building automation is excluded from ElektroG
On the basis of the European WEEE Directive, our Technical Committee for Building Automation discussed last year that all building automation devices fall under the WEEE Directive without restriction.
IT-Based Building Automation
Key technologies for environment, man and economy.
eu.bac Certification - European Quality Certificate for Building Automation
Product quality has a decisive influence on the energy efficiency of building services engineering. In line with political savings targets, the European manufacturers' association for building automation eu.bac has developed a Europe-wide certification system for building automation products and systems.
Position paper on the ElektroG
Position of the AMG trade association on the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act

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Frankfurt, December 10, 2020 - 14 associations from the area of technical building equipment (TBE) have presented an updated version of the position paper on Building Information Modeling (BIM).
Frankfurt, December 9, 2020 - The Automation Management for House Buildings trade association of the VDMA has published a revised version of Standard Sheet 24774 on IT security in building automation.
Fire and smoke are among the greatest hazards to which people are exposed in buildings. Experience from fires has shown that the vast majority of deaths and material damage are due to toxic and aggressive smoke.
The Automation Management for House Buildings Association of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) published the standard sheet 24774 on IT security in building automation on 11 July 2016.
The AMG trade association is the sponsor of a series of VDMA standard sheets for the area of house and building automation
National and international standardization and responsible committees in the field of home and building automation
Performance Contracting - terms, process description, services
Control engineering requirements for hydraulics in the planning and execution of heating, cooling, drinking water heating and ventilation systems
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