mar.. 15.06.2021  14:00 - 16:00 hrs.

OPC UA - Tackling and implementing - Austria and Bayner

OPC UA plays an important role in the implementation of Industry 4.0: This requires uniform standards for the cross-manufacturer and cross-hierarchy networking of sensors, components, machines and controllers from different manufacturers.

In order to standardize this machine-to-machine communication, the VDMA, through its members, sees the uniform communication standard OPC UA as the preferred standard.
The technical properties of the products to be standardized in OPC UA are concrete device and capability information. These are described by object-oriented information models in technical specifications, the OPC UA Companion Specifications.

The event will focus on two exciting practical reports on OPC UA from regional VDMA member companies from Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia.

These are impressions about the use of OPC UA and the participation in working groups for standardization.

Learn how OPC UA is already used by the companies or how the future of production can be shaped by OPC UA. At the end of the event, a discussion around the topic area will be stimulated.

The following agenda is planned:

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